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5 kitchen gadgets you can't live without in an Italian kitchen

Bench scraper, microplane, food mill, the matfer 300 and a digital scale. Say what? Nonna never used a scale to measure anything. Well, did you ever try recreating nonna's recipes now that she's no longer making those ravioli's ?

So,the digital scale is going to insure accuracy so that your recipes will come out the same over and over again.

The bench scraper, normally a baker's tool, works so well scraping up your chopped vegetables while your cutting, dicing and mincing.

The microplane grates cheese,garlic,citrus zests,ginger, a flash.

The food mill, has been around as long as our nonnas', just improved. Basically, it will puree your squashes, apples, potatoes, and tomatoes. You may think a food processor would be a great substitute, but it's not! process your potatoes and you'll end up with a gluey mess and your tomatoes will turn pink.

The Matfer 300 is a durable composite heat resistant flat spoon that cleans easily and won't scratch enamel coated pots and pans. Great for stirring that risotto!!

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