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How to stock your kitchen pantry and have fun in your kitchen 2019

Want to keep the fun factor in home-cooking?

having some fun

2018 is ending with an interesting question that I was asked by a former Cucina della Terra attendee. He asked: When you are not cooking for customers or guests “What do you do for at - home meals? As we talked he mentioned that the answer “leftovers”– lets him breathe with a sigh of relief. Why? It's a day off!

Cooking requires time. We all know the scenario if you want fresh, flavorful and healthier food. You have to select a dish or two, buy the ingredients, prepare the ingredients, cook, and cleanup. Just saying it makes me tired!

This made me think about our personal lives, whether in New York or Italy. Jack & I love to cook, but honestly, we are realistic and recognize there are some days that the concept of “leftovers”like my friend, brings happy tears to our eyes.

Nevertheless, the food-lovers that we are, we never stop asking each other as we are sipping morning coffee "So, what's for dinner tonight?" Even leftovers can be planned and transformed into the next delicious meal.

Our fail-safe strategy is our personalized stockpile on our pantry shelves, in our freezer and in our refrigerator. Notice the word personalized. We all have different taste preferences.

Our goal recognizes that we are dedicated “home cooks” who like those “days off” and don’t ever want the fatigue to set in and rob us of the sheer fun of cooking and the joy of eating a delicious dinner together.

Hey, we all love fusion, international cuisines, but truthfully, unless you are cooking internationally every week during the year you are going to be left with a cabinet and refrigerator filled with "waste". Stuff goes bad: spices lose their intensity, rice and oils go rancid, fresh vegetables wilt. Money and time down the drain.

So I thought this would be a great time to begin 2019 with a talk about strategies so the dreaded question melts away like the fat in bacon over heat.



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