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How to stock your kitchen pantry part 2


Moving to the next phase to strategize our approach to cooking, look at your 10 most favorite go-to dishes

The point of phase 2 is to help you identify what you like and to get you thinking in terms of a basic inventory that you can keep so that you minimize the need to make a last minute run for the ingredients you don’t have.

Stocking your pantry – your dry storage, your fridge & your freezer - does not mean buying every herb, spice, oil, vinegar or condiment that is trending supermarket. You are looking for the essentialsthat are personal to you.

So let’s take a look. This is just the beginning of building!

Which are the most frequently used items in your dry storage column? Freezer? Fridge? You’ll see the answer in the free download sheet in our previous blog !

Whichever items you have listed in the dry storage or freezer are the ingredients you want to keep on hand at all times. When an item is runnning low, put it on your once a week shopping list.

Now let’s look at the Fridge because that is where your perishables exist. This is where you can strategize and separate those fresh fruits and vegetables that are your basics and can sit in a bin for over a week versus the ones that will rot within a week. The ones that must be used within a week are the ones you will put on your once a week shopping list.

I bet that if you are including vegetables in your daily diet, there will be a minimum of 2 - 3 vegetables from the “eat in less than a week” category that you’ll need. The trick is to incorporate those with some of the vegetables that have a much longer shelf life .


In our next FREE DOWNLOAD KITCHEN STRATEGY, we’ll focus on our list of fruits for long & short storage along with dry goods.


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